Path to Leadership


Strengthen Your Foundation | Know Your Giftings | Maximize Your Potential

God has given every individual unique talents and abilities. Our Path to Leadership courses help new and mature believers gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word, by discovering their area of service and ministry, then preparing them to effectively minister to others.

Christianity 101

A thorough study of salvation: the significance, process and blessings associated with God’s free gift.

Water Baptism

An important step to follow after salvation – identifying oneself with Christ’s death and resurrection.

GFC Membership

An informational series where you can learn more about the history, tenets of faith, and vision of Grace Fellowship. Those completing the course will have opportunity to become a covenant member of GFC.

Encounter Session

A powerful 1 day event focusing on overcoming the past, living in true victory and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Discipleship 201

This level of classes follows the Christianity 101 series and focuses on living a Christian life and walking in obedience to God.

Personality Assessment

A self-evaluation that identifies and defines personality types and provides valuable insights that will help you to better know yourself and work more effectively with others..

Discovering Your Gifts

An enlightening series of evaluation tools that will help you to identify your spiritual gifts.

Leadership 301

This final level of classes helps to prepare those who desire to move forward to rise up to the call of leadership. Topics include Leadership Secrets of Jesus, Time Management, Kingdom Values and much more.



Additional Resources:

GFC leaders, as well as those who desire to grow in their walk with God are encouraged to participate in our Life Journal personal Bible Study program. For more information about this life-changing study tool go to: Life Journal.