2021 GFC Life Journal

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A personal study program that aids you in spending daily, personal time in the study of God’s Word. When we, as God’s people, make the study of the Bible a priority in our lives we will learn to hear God’s voice and enter into the power and fruitfulness that Christians were meant to possess. Life Journals are available for adults and children.

You will find that the journal contains:

An introduction section that explains how to begin the Life Journal program with actual examples of journal entries

An index section to document insights and revelations that you receive during study.

A prayer request section for documenting your prayers and answers to prayer.

Three different daily Bible reading plans:

1) Snack (partial chapter)

2) Meal (2-3 chapters)

3) Feast (3-4 chapters)

An extensive S.O.A.P. section for personal journaling. Each page provides writing space with the following headings: Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer.