Palawan Project



Our objective is to raise $10,000 for a freshwater pipeline system project in two Tagbanua villages at Ahn, Santo Nino, Palawan Island, Philippines. We believe that through friends, organizations and local supporters, the health, life and hope of this tribal community will be restored.

“After doing a study for the water project, it was clear that the tribe’s primary source for drinking water for generations has been a river that is contaminated. The tribe has long desired a water system that would tap the only source of fresh water in the area that is 4,500 meters away. Since no one has come to their aid, when the Palawan Peoples Project agreed to work with them, the entire tribe was once again inspired with hope.”

Eddie Garcia | Project Leader

The Facts

The Tagbanua tribal leaders, under the supervision of the Project Leader,  will perform all labor for the installation of the water system. The following represents materials and estimated cost determined by the Project Leader’s study.

  • Estimated Project Duration: Approximately 1 month
  • Location of Project: Sitio Daan, Apurawan, Aborlan Palawan, Philippines
  • Number of workers per day: 15 people
  • Distance from villages to freshwater source: 2.8 miles
  • Project Beneficiaries: 114 Tagbanua households/181 people (not including children)
  • Cost of Materials (including piping, steel bars, stainless steel tanks, transportation, etc.): $10,000