Our Stories

I have always been encouraged by my pastors at Grace Fellowship to release healing over those who are sick and to win souls for Jesus Christ. As a transporter for a local hospital, I have had many opportunities to pray for my patients. I have also used those opportunities to win them to the Lord. During this pandemic, I have witnessed many reaching out to Jesus Christ for his protection, for his guidance, and for his healing. I decided one morning to step up and join an 8:00 am prayer group, which takes place every morning at the flagpole. I put my faith into action by leading the prayer and speaking out in faith.  I applied the principles I’ve learned through GFC and the word of God by taking dominion and releasing God’s power and his blessing. I am so grateful for the things I have learned and to know that God has put me in a position at work where I can do his will and his purpose! ~ Danny Torres

On April 16th my brother reached out to me and told me his wife was devastated because her parents and two (2) other members of her family were diagnosed with COVID19. They told her that there was no hope and that her mother would not survive this. I replied to her…
“Find peace in knowing that Your mom and dad both know hope…His name is Jesus and wether in this life or the next they have the peace of God. Don’t lose your hope and faith. Ultimately believe God to give your parents their hearts desire for they delight themselves in the way of the Lord. I will definitely keep you all in prayer”
I continued by praying with her…“I pray the Lord protects them and overshadows them. May His angels be about them and may our Lord give them their hearts desires and give you strength.”
I explained to her…“The doctor can give a diagnosis but only God can decide the prognosis!”
I am ecstatic to report that all the members of her family are doing well—Mom was removed from the ventilator, has been sent home and is on her way to a full recovery! 
1 Peter 2:24 and Hebrews 11:1 is our confession! God is on the throne!

– Evelyn Torres

The other day as I was going through my Facebook, I saw one of our friends. She was admitted to the hospital for COVID-19. My wife and I contacted her through messenger. We then prayed and released God’s word of healing over her life and body. The following day, she was live on Facebook. She thanked me for praying for her and spoke about how God touched her life. Two days later, she was released home. Everything has a name like COVID-19, but it has to bow the knee to the Name of Jesus!

-Pastor Ed & Melissa

One of my first struggles in Christianity was tithing and giving. I finally gave in, decided to trust God and he has revolutionized my life, not just financially, but in every aspect of my life! I was experiencing some financial challenges a few years ago, but I knew the word of God says “seek ye first the kingdom….” I didn’t know what all this meant, except I knew I was going to obey and trust God. I received a call from a doctor friend to apply for a job that required a Bachelors Degree (knowing all I had was a GED). I applied and was rejected. This doctor asked me to send him my resume directly. I waited to hear back. Nonetheless, I wasn’t putting my trust in man’s favor. Two months later, I received an email inviting me to interview with the CEO, CFO, COO, SR VP and Nursing Director. I started getting nervous the day of the interview, but I began to pray and thank God for the words to speak. I decided to trust God. Less than half an hour after the interview ended, I received a call offering me the position, which included a $50,000 pay increase! Our God is on the throne and our circumstances don’t move the hand of God, our faith does! All glory to God! I may not have a Bachelors Degree, but I attend the University of GFC where I have a Masters Degree! “My Master” Jesus Christ!

-Evelyn Torres

I work at Bristol hospital as the transportation lead.  I was called to the cardio department stat for a patient who was suffering from chest pains.  I dropped off the stretcher and noticed that the patient, about 70 years old, was very scared and worried.  I reassured him that we would take care of him and give them best care.  As I was about to leave the room, I felt like I was missing my purpose.  Why was I called to the room?  At that moment I said to myself, God, I got you!  I turned around immediately, passed by the doctor and the nurses in the room and proceeded to the patient.  I shared my testimony with him and began to pray for him with authority in the name of Jesus.  The patient asked if I was a Christian and I confirmed that I was.  He was also a Christian and was comforted to know that I was there and prayed for him during his time of distress.  He felt the peace of God and was so thankful.  He shared the story to his entire family, about the goodness of God and how I was used by God in his time of need.  I am truly appreciative to this ministry for teaching me about taking authority in the name of Jesus and how we are instruments to bring healing, salvation & hope to the lost and dying.

  • Danny Torres

I have been a part of Grace Fellowship since birth.  I turned 18 this past year, graduated from high school and started college.  I was beginning to learn about being an adult. I realized that I needed to know more about how I can apply God’s word to my life to make good decisions for myself and my future, so I began taking the 101 classes.  During this time, I was searching for a job, but it was bit difficult to find one.  However, I learned through my parents and this ministry about being persistent, not giving up and about giving.  I received a financial gift for my graduation and I tithed on it.  Soon after, I received a call from a friend of mine that they were hiring at her job and if I apply right away, she is sure that I would get an interview.  I submitted the application and I    received a call the next day.  I went to the interview and they hired me on the spot! This ministry has been a blessing to me and I now have the opportunity to support it through my finances and my involvement.  I thank God for  opening the door for me and I thank my Pastors and this ministry for teaching me about God’s love and about relationship with him.

~Donte’a Highsmith

I’m so thankful for being a part of Grace Fellowship!  God has helped me through this ministry to win my mom to the Lord. I completed the Leadership 101’s where I learned about salvation and how to win someone to Jesus.  I went out and practiced what I was taught and decided to start with my mom.  I began to share with her about the love of God and God used me to lead her in the sinners’s prayer.  My mom was on her way to hell now she is on her way to heaven!  I am so thankful for this church and this ministry!


During the encounter, the moment in which we were reciting prayers was when then the truth became personal to me. I always knew God loved me because God loves everyone. But in this moment when we were shouting out to God, I became confident in the love that he has for me personally. The realization that Jesus gave his life so we could gain forgiveness, peace, and humble ourselves before God all became real to me. I am now able to own these gifts with confidence and meaning instead of just knowing them as facts.

After privately writing out and confessing our sins to God, the moment in which I threw my confessions into the fire and watched it disappear before my eyes I was filled with joy. All the guilty and shame that I have been carrying with me for several years was finally lifted from me, I was finally set free. The highlight of this moment was knowing that I was set free from my sins because God forgives me. He does not hold them over my head and make me feel guilty, He wipes them away and forgives me.

When being filled with the Holy Spirit it was amazing to be completely open to God for the first time. When speaking in tongues I was close to God in a way that I have never been before. Even though I did not understand the language that was coming from my mouth, I was filled with joy because I knew God did. I knew it was the Holy Spirit within my that knows the needs I don’t have the ability to express, so it expressed them to God for me.

Through this experience I have gained more confidence when praying, when doing my daily reading, and even when dealing with others around me. Even though I was not strong, I have been filled with the spirit of God which is where I now draw my strength from.

Stephanie Ross

I received a call on Wednesday that my mother had fallen and hit her head on the fridge and was rushed to the hospital. I immediately contacted my husband, our church office, and women of the church to pray for healing.  I was at peace driving to the hospital. In the emergency department I felt God’s presence amidst all the chaos of medical teams and doctors assessing her condition.  Shortly after she was transferred to another hospital and diagnosed with internal bleeding and critically high blood pressure.  I held her hand in the ICU and declared healing and her blood pressure began to drop to a normal level, every time I let go of her hand her blood pressure spiked back up.  The hospital didn’t even know what was going on!  But I knew my God was moving.  I am very thankful and I rejoice in knowing I have a church that will rally with me and pray.  A church, that through its ministries teaches us about  the bible and how to apply it in our own lives.  My mother was released from the hospital Friday morning without any internal bleeding

-L Mala

For several years before coming to Christ, I would have headaches and sleepless nights to the point where I would not be able to move my head from left to right.  I became worried; full of fear and thinking I may have a tumor or even cancer.  Pain would intensify to the point where I would stay awake all night.  However,things changed after I gave my life to Christ and started attending Grace Fellowship Church.  I started reading scriptures on healing and declaring what God has provided for me over 2,000 years ago.  I went to the doctor to have an MRI and the results came back showing no signs of a tumor or cancer. Praise God!  The doctor then sent me to a specialist.  This specialist told me that I would have to take injections for the pain and deal with this for the rest of my life.  I said no!  My God has healed me, I don’t need injections.  I need Jesus.  The doctor said OK, but there will be a time wen I will need those injections.  I have been injections free, and pain free.  I went from sleepless nights to having sweet sleep as I declare the word of God over my life.  I no longer live in fear, but I operate in faith, which allows me to the servant God has called me to be at Grace Fellowship Church.  I am very thankful for the teaching I have received at Grace Fellowship and for all the prayers and support.

-E. Soto

I was on the verge of quitting my job just a few months ago.  I was being micromanaged and becoming very frustrated with the negativity surrounding me.  I believe that this was a time of testing for me.  Was I going to break under the pressure and become negative and back bite, or was I going to do what this ministry has taught me to do?  I decided to press in, pray, stay faithful in my giving and rise above.  I recommitted myself to God.  I went back k to reading and praying as much as I could.  This with a full time job, a home and 4 kids is really hard for me to do.  I did what I could and God helped me.  I began to share my faith with my coworkers and my director.  My director and I have grown very close.  She even began to advocate to the owner about me.  The owner began to have more confidence in me.  I stood firm knowing that God is in control.  I did what I have been taught to do by standing up for what is right.  I got a raise when no one else was getting a raise.  I am next in, line for a promotion to Head Teacher with intention of becoming Assistant Director.  I have worked there less than a year!  I am the owner and director’s right hand.  I have been given more responsibility and I am greatly respected and trusted.  God has been so faithful and now my director has been coming out to church, and she says that she wants to come every week!  Things seemingly looked bleak but when the clouds cleared and God’s marvelous light shown through He illuminated my path.  Not only am I in a position that I never though I would be good at, let alone fall in love with, but I am also highly favored just as He promised me.

-M. Henderson

My wife and I have been praying and believing God for out neighborhood to get saved.  While outside doing yard work my neighbor’s dog ran into our yard.  I then went to my neighbor’s home, knocked on the door and asked them to grab their dog.  As they grabbed their dog on of the owner’s said, “Aren’t you the preacher that lives on our street?”  I said yes is everything OK?  The owners are brother and sister, and expressed how they visited a church and are interested in learning more about God.  They both shared their life story.  My first question to ask them was are you born again?  They didn’t know, so I shared my testimony and also what Christ has done on the cross. They then asked, “Could you pray for us to receive Christ?”  I was invited into their home where I was able to share the scriptures with them.  At the end, they were both encouraged and thankful for having someone in their neighborhood sharing their faith.  They then asked for the address to our church, so I gave them our church card.  They expressed that they are looking forward to visiting.  God is not willing any should perish, but all come to repentance.  I am very thankful for this ministry which taught me how to share my faith with others.

-Pastor D. Highsmith