Special Events


Everything we do has a purpose that is tied into our church process, which is win-build-send.  At the same time, we remain ‘fluid’ always moving, changing, flowing and growing.

Currently, we have four main special events:

  • Christmas program – This is a themed evangelistic event, where we use skits, drama, music, etc. to present the Gospel message in a creative way.
  • Resurrection Sunday – This is a special service focused on the cross, with the emphasis on the victory that Christ has obtained for us. It is planned and organized by various ministry leaders.
  • Harvest Fellowship – This event is an opportunity to build relationships, have fun, and build core strength. It is a family fellowship with a bit of entertainment, and lots of participation, where everyone who is part of our church can get involved.

Anniversary Service – We celebrate this church (where we’ve been, where we are headed) with special music and presentations as well as outdoor activities and refreshments.  We invite family and friends to join us.  Our ministry leaders oversee all aspects of this event